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abcFlora Is a Great Alternative to Interflora and Floraqueen

Did you know that nearly 60% of Americans have given flowers or houseplants as gifts at least once? Giving flowers is a timeless and thoughtful tradition. Sure it's romantic, but it can also be celebratory, they're a perfect choice every time.

You're also able to send fresh flowers internationally! So, no matter what the distance is, you'll make a special occasion even more special. If you want to send an international flower, you might wonder how to choose the best flower delivery service.

Well, this article has got you covered. Here's how to choose the best international flower delivery. 

Why Flowers?

If you're still on the fence about giving flowers as a gift, let's explore why this is one of the best options for a loved one (or anyone really). Throughout cultures, giving fresh flowers is a way to connect emotionally.

Everything from how the flowers are arranged to their colors sends a message. It can be a single rose for a romantic date or a bouquet of daffodils for new beginnings. Giving flowers as gifts has been around for centuries, and it's here to stay. 

Choosing an International Flower Delivery Service

When deciding on an international flower delivery service, there's a handful of factors you want to keep in mind. After all, so much can go wrong with fresh flower delivery and you want to be sure it's delivered with the best care. 

Online Reviews

One of the best indicators of a business you can trust is if it has a lot of positive reviews. Don't settle for the first place you find, thoroughly examine all the different international flower delivery options and see what the reviews are saying! If there're few reviews or a lot of negative feedback, it's best to avoid that business.

Reviews will often have a thorough explanation for why they were happy or unhappy with their service. You know what's important to you as a customer and reviews are one of the best ways to see how the things you prioritized are handled by a service.

If a service has a few negative reviews, that's alright! It's more important to pay attention to what the reviews are saying. Chances are, those few negative reviews might be unsatisfied for a reason that is not important to you.

Delivery time

If there is one thing that flower delivery services need to prioritize, it's the delivery time. Since many fresh flower deliveries are for special occasions, the gift arriving late isn't as impactful. Delivery timing is crucial, so will search through reviews for a business's reliability. 

Flowers only stay fresh for so long so ensure that you know the location and date for your flower delivery and that you communicate with the service to ensure its arrival. Nothing feels worse than the day of the special occasion coming up and knowing your flowers won't arrive. 

Discounts Offered

If you are sending flowers for a large event, then you'll want to order in bulk. Most flower delivery services cater to that. Not only that, but you can get a discount if ordering enough flowers!

Flowers can add up and quickly go over budget if you're not careful. If you're preparing for a special event and need fresh flowers in bulk, be sure to contact a flower delivery service ahead of time. See if they offer flower deliveries in bulk and if there're any discounts available.

If the discount seems too good to be true, it probably is. While it's tempting to agree to a good deal, be sure you will not end up getting low-quality flowers delivered.

Countries Delivered To

One thing that will narrow your options of flower delivery services is the countries they deliver to. If you're hoping to send flowers to a specific country, you want to make sure that the destination is an option! Otherwise, look around and see if you can find alternatives that fit your delivery needs.

If you place an order without checking if the location is a place the service delivers to, you're going to give yourself a big headache. If you aren't sure where a flower delivery service delivers to, just send them a message! 

Reliable Confirmation System

Delivery can be unpredictable even for local mail. For international delivery, it feels so much more separate and out of your hands. When choosing an international flower delivery service, you'll want to ensure that they have a solid tracking system for your gift.

The best flower delivery services will send several confirmation emails so you can see exactly where your gifts are. First, they should let you know that the order was confirmed and shipped, then you should be contacted when the order arrives. 

This kind of care and information makes particular international flower services stand above the rest.

Method of Payment

Be sure that the flower delivery service that you're looking at offers a reliable payment method. This will guarantee your protection from potential fraud or hackers who might want to steal your information. The right company will also have several payment methods available for you to choose from. 

Alternative to Interflora and Floraqueen

Two of the flower delivery services that you'll see as you do your research are Interflora and Floraqueen. However, as you continue to look for different international flower delivery services, you'll notice that abcFlora checks all of the previously mentioned boxes.

Not only do we have a variety of flowers to choose from, but our reviews also are consistently positive. We also have an impressive amount of countries to choose from for your international flower delivery. 

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If there's a special occasion coming up or if you're just thinking of a loved one, send them the gift of fresh flowers! With all the variety of flowers available at your fingertip, you can brighten anyone's day. From a colorful bouquet to a single rose, the sky is the limit. 

There are different international flower delivery services available for you to check out. Be sure you look at all the different options and decide on the best service by seeing their online reviews and if they deliver to the country of your choosing. 

Ready to send out a batch of fresh flowers? Contact us to get started!